This is a unique rebind I did of restaurant Noma’s eponymous cookbook from 2010, using natural materials that are inspired by the restaurant’s allegiance to provenance and locally sourced ingredients. It was a personal project rather than a commission, but as the restaurant is located a few minute’s walk from my studio so I thought it made sense for me as a local bookbinder to explore this. 

For the cover, I used some of the materials I have been saving up during the last 10 years. This included moose skin which was bought at a Sami market in Lapland. I weaved this together with blue leather made from discarded salmon skin to form the headbands which run along the top and bottom of the book spine.  For the top headband I added a sliver of gold thread.

The book was stripped of its original cover and I removed all threads, stitchings and traces of glue. All the pages had to be torn out, cleaned and trimmed, sewn back together before resting them in a press. I used calfskin to make the new cover. Its light brown colour signals something cool, something very Nordic. I printed the title of the book in 24-carat gold, using lead type metal originating from the 15th century. Except for the letter “o”. This is formed out of a thin disc of marrow bone which I boiled over and over again, gutted out, and then cut as thin as possible with a small saw. It was then polished with sandpaper before I used a needle to clean out all the small holes.

Moisture was added to the cover so I could press the bone into the skin and crate an indentation where the marrow bone disc would sit. On the back I made a similar embossing but without the bone attached. It was appropriate that the mark of the bone was also embossed on the back, as if the dinner was finished and the plate was now empty.